Our Story

As an industry innovator, LaceLore manufactures swimwear made from biodegradable, organic fabric as well as fabric made of unused plastic bits from water bottles and fishing nets using an eco-friendly process.

We have partnered with the producer of biodegradable polyamide yard, to source the material used in our swimsuits. Unlike synthetic plastic-based fabrics that never decompose, this material will decompose entirely within three years – leaving no trace of its existence on the planet after the wearer no longer needs it. During the production of this year, water is reused whenever possible, and greenhouse gases are reduced to further preserve the ozone layer and the environment. And while you may think that in achieving these aims, the quality of the material may suffer, but that is not the case. There is no degradation of changes to the material during its lifetime, even when stored. 

Our suits are handmade in small batches using eco-friendly and silky fabrics that fit your body perfectly, every time. The styles are inspired by the mountains and the desert but are born to travel. We think the Strangest thing of all is being an American-based, completely transparent company and we pride ourselves on being completely open with you with every aspect of how our suits are made. Your LaceLore bikini started off as a piece of fabric in Brazil where the fabric is carefully created using a process that uses significantly less water and energy than typical manufacturing processes. After the fabric is made, any water used in the process is carefully treated to remove any oil or dye. The unused leftover pieces of fabric are then sent to non-profits, schools, and cities around Brazil. The finished, buttery soft fabric is then sent to the Bay Area in California where each style of is carefully cut out. After the styles are cut out, some of the fabric goes to Los Angeles to be transformed into the straps of the suits and the rest of the fabric gets sent to a factory in San Francisco. There, our bikinis are hand sewn by a small group of women who have been specially trained to sew this sort of fabric! The completed suits are then examined at our warehouse in Reno to make sure they’re in perfect condition before they’re shipped to Strangers like you. 


Our Mission

LaceLore Bikinis is set out to make the raddest swimwear for women who Live Strangerously. We employ women who radiate self-love and want to share that love with the world. We inspire our community to embrace their strangeness. Our energy is.. “There is no one else in the world like us.”

Our Vision

Women deserve to feel bad ass in a swimsuit. We make the highest quality with the lowest Environmental impact swimwear for those seeking adventure, comfort, style and steeze.

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